Painting more than writing

The last entry was September, 2007.  I still haven’t finished that story because I shifted my focus to painting.  Forrest & Graham moved out in June, and by July I had made myself a nice studio.  A whole room to myself, and I spill over into Gregg’s office, especially when we are framing.  I got “Bettie in Blue” into the national juried show “Boundaries” at the Asheville Area Arts Center.  It sold!  Now that’s encouragement.  In October I showed some paintings at the Haywood Public Library.  The subject was an old log cabin that sits in my “stone” garden.    I sold two paintings from that show to a retired veterinarian who had tested animals going into space at Randolph Air Base.  Gregg and I inherited my parent’s house outside of San Antonio, just south or Randolph.  Coincidence or conspiracy?  Hey, my kids are funny, they had to get it from somewhere.  Anyway, Dr. Harry also commissioned a painting of a log and stone potato cellar that was on his property and provided me with photos.  I’ve done several paintings from these photos.

Gregg and I spent December in San Antonio until the week before Christmas.  We celebrated Christmas at F&G’s home.  Talk about freedom, no Christmas decorations!  So I’ve been on a painting streak, a series I call “Disappearing Rural Architecture Portraits”.  And I’m having so much fun.  I will be showing these in the Gallery at HART Theater, May 22 to June 8.  There is a diversity in surfaces; paper, canvas, and panel.  The sizes range from small for me, 8”x10”, to a screen that’s 80” x 56”.  The play at HART is “On Golden Pond” and the rural theme should complement the play nicely, I think.  If you aren’t going to be in Waynesville, check out the Portfolio part of this website.

If you haven’t been counting your blessings every day, get to it!